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Escaping Nox Station - VR Game

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Escaping Nox Station is an Oculus Go horror game where the players navigates an abandoned, decrepit space station, as they defend themselves from lurking dangers and escape Nox Station.

It would be more astute to classify this game as an extended game jam than a full project, as we were allocated a three week time period to acclimatise ourselves to the Oculus Go, plan out a game, then create it, with the artists only joining the project halfway through. Working on this game was a real challenge. Not only was this my first time working on a VR project it was also my first time working on a fully embedded system.

As it was the game turned out pretty jenky, partly due to a large amount of miscommunication between the artists and the rest of the group. The former constantly wanting to increase the quality of the assets and lighting, to a point where it would barely run on the device. That being said it was an interesting experience and it was fun to play around with the stealth mechanics that I implemented, in VR.


Designers: James Wilson, Saxon Hutchinson, Blayne Cuzner

Artists: Robert Dickson, Jaymie Sibree, Meg Groenveld, RJ O'Sullivan, Aaron Lalor, Lani Parker

Programmers: Callum Burden, Thomas Wooster, Justin Cragg

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