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Child of Night Final

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Child of Night was pitched as a 2nd year major project and is a casual top-down 3D stealth game where the player - as a vampire - must sneak around the town and consume their victims before the sun rises.

After the completion of the prototype we had 15 weeks to bring the game to a completed state. Overall the project went very smoothly, although a delay in the art assets - caused by sick artists - worried us for a while. After we got some great feedback from play testing we had a mad rush to update and implement as much of the key feedback as we could, namely a tutorial and the capacity to upgrade abilities.

During the project I acted as a go-between for the designer and programmers, organising and delegating what needed to be worked on. I continued to work on the AI and vision mechanics, as well as implementing the animations, creating the upgrade system, and - as always - fixed a lot of bugs!

One thing in particular I created, was a shader which 'disolved' objects between the player and the camera, allowing the player to see what they are doing as they go about town.

This project was great to work on in general and was a good opportunity for me to look into some news things that I hadn't gotten a chance to before.


Designers: Blayne Cuzner

Artists: Meg Groenveld, Lani Parker, Molly Trehy, Anna Barrett

Audio: Yanis Khennane, Theo Dumont, Thomas Franks

Programmers: Sean McCarthy, Thomas Wooster, Justin Cragg

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