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Child of Night


Unity Casual Stealth Game

Child of Night was pitched as a 2nd year major project and is a casual top-down 3D stealth game where the player - as a vampire - must sneak around the town and consume their victims before the sun rises.

After the completion of the prototype we had 15 weeks to bring the game to a completed state.
The games consists of sneaking around a single town and consuming different victims as per your objectives. You have different abilities to aid you in your ambitions; Cloak (renders you invisible), Shadow (creates a decoy which guards will follow), Dash (increases your move speed drastically, for a very short period) and Hypnotise (acts as a stunning effect).

Mellowmares Prototype


Unity Puzzle Platformer

Mellowmares was a game pitched for the 2nd year major project as a side scrolling puzzle platformer. It is a cute but dark 2.5D game about marshmallows escaping the appetite of the evil humans.

We had a five week period to plan and create a prototype for the game before it was pitched to an industry panel - this was also side by side with another project I was required to work on. The aim of the game is to reach the end of the level having 'rescued' as many fellow marshmallows as possible - through solving puzzles. The primary mechanic was the ability to shrink or grow your marshmallow in order to solve said puzzles. After saving a marshmallow they then follow you around and act as additional lives with the player possessing them after the prior is killed.

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