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Assorted C++ Projects

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

As part of the Bachelor's Degree I have worked on several small C++ projects. These projects were my first foray into C++ and it certainly took some getting used to, but now its my go to language!

I made a basic simulation where the blue prey, eat the green food, while being eaten by the red predators. Each of the different creatures use a different method of AI, with a State Machine, Decision Tree and Behavior Tree. The agents use custom heuristics for their A* pathfinding and the little food guys have some flocking. If there is a more unnecessarily complicated project out there I would be surprised!

For this project I was required to implement a number of different 'complex systems'. The result is this simple creature simulation, which uses fuzzy logic and custom scripting to allow anyone to script the AI for any number of different creatures. It also uses multi-threading to allow for a great number of creatures running at once.

This project was a 2D physics engine which includes; circle and box shape collisions as well as some simple joints, including springs. I thought if I was going to make a project to demo the engine, it would have to be a pinball game!

The final project I am showing is a graphics engine created using OpenGL. It can use a number of different shaders and easily allows for the addition of more. It also supports multiple light sources and light types.

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